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Fishing Report
November 7 2002

I have been hitting the snook lately as they are in the feeding mood. As snook gear up for the winter they go into a feed that can be phenomenal. With the first cold front that passed and the shorter days the water temps are climbing down and snook know to fatten up for the winter when during cold fronts they will lay up for days with out eating. Snook are being taken in good numbers all across Charlotte Harbor with slot size fish being the normal and quite a few snook in the oversize class including a 48 inch snook we caught on Monday ahead of a another front.

Redfish seem to have scattered a bit and can be spotty. I covered a lot of redfish territory to bring three keeper reds for my customers last week. They should be on the move towards winter flats where on a sunny day after a cool morning you will be able to find them tailing for food and warming up in the sun.

Kingfish have been making the best run in my recent memory and are being taken from Tampa south to Naples as close as a mile form the beach. There are a lot of Spanish Mackerel mixed in with the Kings so I have been trolling big baits at about 10 Knots to keep them from taking my rigs, this as brought Kingfish to 35 pounds to the boat.

I have been rather busy the past few weeks catching up on fishing after a two month stay at home with my new son born August 29. No doubt as soon as he is old enough he will be on the water. We are already watching the fishing shows on TV together


September 1, 2002

Snook season is open and the outlook is great with good numbers of keeper fish hanging out close to the passes and in deeper holes around the harbor. I found snook at the mouth of peace river south of Colony Point readily taking top water plugs early in the morning. Later in the day we switched to live bait and continued the action. Remember to release the fish you are not going to keep carefully and its one fish per person 26-34 inches. I usually only keep fish under the 30 inch mark.

Redfish are schooled up on the outsides of the bars and eager to take most anything thrown there way. Incoming tides are the best and the action will heat up the higher the tide gets. Most of these fish will be to big to keep, slot is 18-27 inches and these fish tend to be larger than the 27 maximum. Redfish are very hardy and will take the catch and release better than most but these bigger fish are the ones getting ready to move offshore and begin breading so take a little time when releasing them and make sure they swim away. Catch and release doesn't work if you don't insure a good release.

There are still some Tarpon to be had for the hard core poon-a-ticks so scout around and you will find a few pods still hanging around. Some of these fish are resident fish and have seen everything in a fisherman's arsenal, so finesse them with artificials or hunt down some larger live bait, threadfin herring works best.  


July 23 , 2002

Fishing has been as hot as it can get through out the year, and has been one of my personal best. The snook, redfish, trout, and of course my favorite the tarpon cooperated all through the season. I spent numerous days and hours fishing with clients from all over and just had such a tremendous time, I couldn't even find time to keep a  updated fishing report. Now with the summer months here things have slowed down enough I can find the time to be consistent writing and trying my best to keep you updated on the fishing scene in and around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor area. 

The redfish action is starting to heat up in Charlotte Harbor with some schools of oversized fish being caught. Snook are still being caught at the beaches and passes, especially on out going tides; remember however this is still catch and release for another month. Tarpon have left Boca Grande Pass but numerous schools and numbers worth targeting are still in the Charlotte Harbor. With high temperatures during the day the best fishing times will be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

Also don't forget the last of the Redsnook Tournament  Series will be  Sept. 20-22 check them out at this is still an exciting tournament with some big money prizes.  Our team is still holding on to fifth place in the professional standings and we are hoping for a first place win in Sept. there are some great teams in the professional division and it will take more than luck on our part.

The photos below are some of  catches from trips over the past few months just click on an image to enlarge the photo. I just don't have the room to put every photo up I have taken so many if you don't see your picture I apologize in advance. 

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  Go Fish Charters and Guide Service can arrange a private or group Tarpon fishing, snook fishing, backcountry, flats near shore or inshore fishing trips.


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