Cobia; a real bruiser and unpredictable fighter. Usually peels of line on long runs and battles with great stamina. These giants can be found lurking around the harbor in search of a any live bait, and can be a welcome surprise for an angler. Cobia dig down deep and stay down long. Cobia can be found making runs through our area hanging around navigation markers and other structure. Cobia will often smash a topwater plug with a veracity that commands respect.          

World Record Cobia 135lbs Florida Record 114lbs

Snook; probably on of the most sought after fish in our local waters. Snook can be caught year-round locally preferring warm, but not hot water. Our local waters with vast back country, grass flats, and canal systems are ideal territory; moving up the rivers during the winter months. Snook will take a wide range of live baits, but prefer what is locally know as the greenback. Plugs, jigs, spoons, and jerk baits work great for the real sportsman. Generally, the size range is 3-15lbs, but Snook weighing 20-30 are not uncommon.

World Record Snook 53lbs Florida Record 44lbs


Redfish; gaining in popularity among anglers, this fish is a hard fighter and will test anyone's light tackle angling skills. Live shrimp, greenbacks, and pinfish are top choices for Redfish. With a variety of spoons, jigs and topwater baits taking good numbers of Redfish.

 Most of the fish caught inshore are juvenile's as the mature fish tend to live in nearshore to offshore waters. Redfish will school in potholes of deeper water and can also be found foraging on the bottom with their tails sticking out of the water on the flats. 30lbs is not rare but average is about 2-10lbs. 

                         World Record Redfish 94lbs, Florida Record 51lbs.


Spotted Seatrout; streamlined shaped large mouth with prominent canine teeth. Usually 1-2 lbs and very common throughout the area.

Spotted Seatrout prowl the grass flats looking for small bait fish and shrimp. Can be a very sporting fish on light tackle as the tend to be top water fighters. Since the gill net ban in the nineties large Spotted Seatrout in the 3-4lbs have been more common with the average at 1-2lbs abundantly.          

World And Florida Record Spotted Setrout 17lbs

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